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Stephen G. Matthews

Stephen G. Matthews is co-founder of Matthews & Matthews, LLC. Previously, Steve was the Lieutenant Colonel, Deputy Superintendent and Chief Operations Officer of the Massachusetts State Police until his retirement in late 2012.

A Massachusetts State Police officer for 32 years, Matthews began his distinguished career patrolling the central part of Massachusetts. In 1983, Matthews became a detective in the Narcotics Division of the Middlesex County District Attorney’s office, where he worked in an undercover capacity for over ten years. His tenure in the District Attorney’s office included the successful investigation of hundreds of murder, narcotics and organized crime investigations including such cases as the Boston College gambling scandal and the Hell’s Angels narcotics and organized crime investigation.

As a Captain, Matthews led investigative teams at the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office. He was responsible for a number of high-profile criminal investigations, including the Massachusetts State Treasury case, the largest public corruption case in the state’s history. In addition, Matthews managed the “Big Dig” fraud investigation which resulted in a guilty plea and fine of $50 million to responsible parties. He also conducted investigations as diverse as the sexual abuse scandal within the Boston Catholic Archdiocese and traditional organized crime investigations in Boston and Springfield.

Matthews became the Lieutenant Colonel in charge of the Division of Investigative Services in 2006. In this role, Matthews led all State Police detectives throughout Massachusetts, as well as the State Police crime lab and the Commonwealth Fusion and Terrorism Center. Under his command, the State Police crime lab achieved the gold standard of accreditation. He also managed the growth of the Commonwealth’s Fusion Center, building its terrorism and crime prevention capabilities to become the state’s hub of intelligence and information sharing among state, local, federal and private sector partners. During Matthews’ tenure as the Division Commander, the State Police achieved an 82% homicide solve rate, one of the highest in the nation. He also developed policies and procedures to improve the safety and accountability of detectives and investigative operations throughout the Commonwealth.

In 2009, Matthews was promoted to Deputy Superintendent, Chief Operations Officer of the Massachusetts State Police, the largest police organization in New England. Matthews’ responsibilities included the management of approximately 2,800 sworn and civilian personnel and an annual budget of over $275 million. In this capacity, Matthews developed both long and short term goals for the department and an information and technology plan for its future. Matthews also oversaw public safety planning for major events such as the Boston Fourth of July celebration, the Boston Marathon, and major sports and critical weather events. Matthews worked with the Governor’s office, Executive Office of Public Safety, the Legislature and the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association to draft legislation specifying law enforcement’s roles and responsibilities related to casino gaming in Massachusetts.

Throughout his tenure as a leader of the Massachusetts State Police, Matthews has been recognized for his decision-making, vision, and ability to build teams to solve complex issues. Matthews is also widely recognized in both the public and private sectors for establishing effective and long-lasting partnerships across jurisdictional boundaries.
Matthews attended Boston Latin School, earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Curry College in 1980 and a Masters of Arts in Criminal Justice from Anna Maria College in 1988. Matthews attended the State and Provincial Leadership Seminar on Gaming in 2012 and the ADL – Israeli Executive Leadership Program in 2010. Matthews is a graduate of the International Leadership in Counter Terrorism (LINCT) Program, a program of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, the University of St. Andrew’s, Scotland, the FBI, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Police Services of Northern Ireland, and the Scottish Police Services (2008). He is also a graduate of the FBI National Academy (1998).

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Francis J. (Frank) Matthews

Frank Matthews is the co-founder of Matthews & Matthews, LLC. Until his retirement in August, 2015, Frank was the Lieutenant Colonel, Commanding Officer of the Investigative Division for the Massachusetts State Police. In that role he directed all criminal, forensic and Homeland Security investigations while maintaining command of over 700 sworn and civilian members assigned to 41 separate units.

Frank Matthews has thirty-three years of experience in coordinating federal, state and local law enforcement agencies as well as private organizations to lead and execute crime prevention initiatives, conduct investigations, and provide training and response for critical incidents. He possesses a demonstrated high level of administrative and analytical skills which helped him rise through the organizational ranks to the highest levels of the State Police. Matthews has proven successful in supporting and partnering with business leaders, city officials, crime victims, and the general public in an effort to achieve lasting results.

Matthews is a recognized expert in managing sensitive investigations involving white collar and financial crime, violent crime, terrorism, sexual assault, harassment, workplace violence and cyber-crimes. In April 2013, Frank Matthews managed and directed the State Police investigative responses to the Boston Marathon Bombing and the State Police investigation into the murder of MIT Police Officer Sean Collier at the hands of the terrorist bombers.

Highly trained in advanced areas of personal and dignitary protection, Matthews attended both the Department of Homeland Security – U.S. Secret Service training program in Washington D.C. and the IACP Advanced Executive and Dignitary Protection Program in Arlington, Virginia. Matthews commanded the Executive Protection teams for several chief executives and cabinet level elected officials as well as private dignitaries and high profile celebrities.

Matthews has a proven ability to manage multi-faceted, complex situations while ensuring effective two-way communication and the delivery of exceptional service to clients and stakeholders.

Frank Matthews has served on panels at academic institutions, the Office of the Massachusetts Attorney General and other public and private agencies discussing pertinent issues surrounding opiate addiction and support for recovery programs and treatment facilities.

Frank Matthews is a graduate of Westfield State University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice. He is a 2011 graduate of the Police Executive Research Forum’s Senior Management in Policing Program at Boston University. Matthews is also an alumnus of the Anti-Defamation League 2008 Senior Law Enforcement – Counter Terrorism Training Session in Tel Aviv, Israel. Frank Matthews currently serves on the Board of Trustees of Fontbonne Academy, Milton, MA.

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John Tutungian

John Tutungian joins the Matthews & Matthews, LLC team as a Senior Investigative Specialist. After a distinguished career as a Detective Lieutenant with the Massachusetts State Police, John retired and was employed as a manager of Verizon Communication’s Corporate Security Department.

John spent the majority of his Massachusetts State Police career (18 years) in the Division of Investigative Services.  He was a member of the Special Service Section’s Organized Crime Unit where he worked as a Trooper, Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Detective Lieutenant.  As a Detective Lieutenant, Tutungian was the Commanding Officer of the Special Service Section where he supervised troopers assigned to the Organized Crime Unit, Technical Services Unit, Secret Service Task Force, Postal Service Task Force and the Bank Robbery Task Force.

John Tutungian’s primary body of work consisted of developing and initiating high profile organized crime investigations.  This work was unique in law enforcement; it required the ability to be proactive in building a case against the higher echelon members of organized crime. In 1989, Tutungian embarked on an organized crime investigation which would consume the next ten years of his career.  Tutungian focused his energies on conducting investigations of local bookmakers and loan sharks who were a main source of income for the higher echelon members of organized crime.  These organized crime members would use extortionate means to force bookmakers and loan sharks to pay tribute (rent) in order for them to be allowed to continue their illegal business without repercussions.

Over the course of five years, Tutungian developed information related to several high- level bookmakers and loan sharks who were indebted to both the conventional mafia (Patriarcha Crime Family) and the Bulger Group which was a criminal enterprise run by James “Whitey”  Bulger and Steve Flemmi.  In this endeavor, John Tutungian developed information and authored thousands of pages of affidavits in support of electronic surveillance.

These wiretaps led to the indictments and subsequent convictions of several high- level bookmakers and loan sharks who had been paying tribute to both criminal enterprises for years. Faced with long prison terms many of these bookmakers and loan sharks cooperated and provided volumes of evidence against the highest members of these criminal groups. Over this five-year period Tutungian worked with the United States Attorney’s Office presenting evidence generated from the wiretaps to a federal grand jury.

In 1995, five years after the onset of this investigation, federal indictments for racketeering were returned against Frank Salemme who was the boss of the Partiarcha Crime Family and other high- level mafia members.  James Bulger, Steve Flemmi, and other members of this criminal group were also indicted on racketeering counts.  Over the next few years several superseding indictments were returned against these same high-level members of organized crime including several counts for murder. For his tireless efforts in this case spanning over ten years Tutungian was awarded the Medal of Merit, the highest meritorious award by the Massachusetts State Police.  This case has been credited with dismantling the hierarchy of the two biggest organized groups in Massachusetts who had reigned with impunity over a thirty-year period.

As a result of John’s leadership and experience in organized crime investigations at both the state and federal levels, he is recognized by judges as an expert witness on organized crime matters. To this day John’s experience and knowledge is being used by Federal Prosecutors. As recently as May 2018, John testified in the murder trial of former Mafia Boss Frank Salemme who was indicted on a new murder charge.  During his testimony, John recounted his interview of Salemme twenty years earlier. This testimony, along with information from his prior investigations, assisted in the successful prosecution and ultimate guilty finding by the jury.

Upon retiring from the Massachusetts State Police in 2004, John embarked on a new career in the private sector as a manager with  Verizon Communication’s Corporate Security Department.  In his managerial role, Tutungian also acted as a liaison with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. This position required excellent oral and writing communication skills as there was constant interaction with the Corporation’s Legal, Labor, Ethics, and Human Resources departments.

During his fifteen-year tenure with Verizon, John conducted thousands of investigations involving absence fraud, insurance fraud, harassment, sexual harassment, hostile work environment, workplace violence, alcohol and drug use, and gambling.  These investigations required numerous interviews followed by the writing of comprehensive reports in support of findings and conclusions.

John Tutungian’s experience at Verizon included investigations of malfeasance by Verizon employees and a strong understanding of the collective bargaining agreement between the company and the Union.  John has represented Verizon by testifying in numerous arbitration hearings related to his investigations involving violations of company policy.  Many of these hearings resulted in favorable findings, saving the company thousands of dollars in resources and compensation. John  has also testified in numerous unemployment hearings on behalf of the company as a result of his investigations.  Many of these hearings resulted in the denial of fraudulent unemployment benefit claims.

Tutungian was a member of Verizon’s Executive Security Team which provided executive protection for Verizon’s senior leadership members.  In this role Tutungian attended annual shareholders meetings and other Corporate events where he was a valued member of the team who ensured the safety of the company’s senior leaders.

John Tutungian is a graduate of Boston State College, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.  He has attended numerous forums on Organized Crime and conferences related to Security in the private sector.  In addition to the Medal of Merit and other commendations from the Massachusetts State Police for his work as a State Police Detective, Tutungian has been honored with awards from the United States Attorney’s Office.  In 2012, John also received a lifetime achievement award from the Irish American Police Officers Association for his work combating Organized Crime.

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